Delighted Journey…

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#keep traveling… keep exploring…

A last valediction to the pandharpur wari sohala2017.

2 Routes 1 Destination the journey of 21 days, completed with 1 objective by every age group to a pilgrimage place “PANDHARPUR”


This tradition of walking from two different destinations namely Dehu and Alandi has implemented in the 14th century nearly from 700-800 years ago.

Pilgrimage is filled up with people of various religion and socio economic background with a common perspective of reaching pandharpur.

palkhi 2017

Before there was a pratha of embracing the footprints (paduka) of Saint Tukaram, on to the neck of a diehard devotee, later BaBa ‘Haiwat Aarphalkar’ changed this pratha into a form of spirited   procession known Palkhi, Teaching us the lessons of life in the form of singing glories of ‘VITHOBA’

This Journey ends with an holy bath in a sacred  River known ‘Chandrabhaga’ on the delighted day of ASHADI EKADASHI  I.e,

Today 4 July 2017.

plakhi 2017 02

On the way traveling and exploring we were eagerly waiting for the occasion of Pandharpur Palkhi Sohala 2017, as it entered the pune city we were waiting on the overbridge shivajinagar with our assembled cameras and notepad, we started capturing pictures and interacting with those people who were a part of procession.

Knowing more about “PANDHARIchi WARI” from those people, was actually knowing more about “LIFE”

palkhi 2017 03

Hatts off to the people who were a part of this procession and a grand salute to them.

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