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Keep traveling… Keep exploring…

I feel a bit HUGE when people bow, and take a look at me.

I am happy to have myself been published as a short story of a travel blog.



Keep traveling… Keep exploring…

On the way travel exploring we captured a majestic peafowl with a bright blue neck and a crest on its head.
Peacock bird which represents the symbol of grace, joy, beauty, and love… Peacock is the national bird of India.


Keep traveling… Keep exploring

There were a couple of boys enjoying playing cricket. These boys in an amazing attire live in Gurukul, a Gurukul is a place where divine knowledge is been taught to children,
The word Gurukul is a combination of teacher guru and Kula a ‘family with a sacred relationship with them…


Keep traveling… Keep exploring…

 On the way traveling and exploring, the reason behind capturing this picture is actually recollecting our childhood.

Nowadays, Everyone wishes to get back into their “childhood chapters” 


Keep traveling… Keep exploring…

One of the respective full moment captured till now, In Indian villages, people still respect the thing on which the food is been cooked.

Even at this age she is still dedicated to cooking food on “Chula

Even after knowing about problems she is going to face while cooking,

She only does this to fulfill the hunger of her family.

According to us food which is cooked on ‘ Chula’ has a magical taste…


Keep traveling… Keep exploring…

One of the modes of transportation is railways, INDIA is 2nd largest railway network throughout the world….
As many people were waiting we were also waiting for the railway to cross so that we can go the other side of the road…


Keep traveling… Keep exploring…

On the way traveling and exploring, we saw this lady
Drying clothes in an amazing manner
These clothes are worn by the musician people of India these people make some of the moments memorable they have an amazing talent.




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